Stop over thinking and clear your cluttered mind

How to clear your cluttered mind, stop over thinking.

Several years ago my daughter was working on an assignment for UNI. In three weeks she was moving to India for six months. Even under pressure of exams and organising the trip she was coping very well.

I walked past her and suggested she start thinking about something to do with the trip to India. I can’t remember what I asked her. But I’ll never forget her response. She said, “I don’t need to think about that until next week”. It was at that moment I realised she compartmentalised her thinking. It was a very foreign idea to me. I knew this was her secret to getting so much done with a minimum of fuss.

My daughter and I have opposite personality types, and we think very differently. My personality type is LOGICIAN PERSONALITY (INTP, -A/-T)

I always analyse things. It’s just what I do. I am a strategic thinker. I can look at situations and the complexity and sort through the detail. But I had to admit Georgia was very efficient at getting stuff done and staying organised.

I can have a busy head. This year I was working on a full-time job, my Rodan + Fields business and Lifestyle Precinct. Plus spending a lot of time on social media was doing my head in, and I was feeling overwhelmed.

Georgia's way of thinking was perfect for clearing my cluttered mind. I had to keep my thinking simple, structured and plan my life better. That's why I created this guide. Initially for me and now for you. 

What is a cluttered mind ?
Is different from overthinking?

Cluttered Mind

A cluttered mind has too many thoughts, lack of focus, distractions. Leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

We’re thinking about what we have to do all the time. We are cramming too much in and we’re over stimulated.

Over thinking

Overthinking is focusing too much on one or several thoughts. It’s like a few big noisy attention seeking ideas and  We are motivated but not present.

If we imagine our mind as a stack of boxes, different sizes and colours.

One way to become more aware of our thinking is to imaging colour coding our thoughts into categories. If you're over thinking in one category you can be intentional in taking time to think about different aspects of your life. I discovered this concept from reading a book Six Thinking Hats two decades ago. I’ve been a fascinated about this idea for a long time for a good reason. 

Be the BOSS of you!




Decide who is the boss of you. All the demands on your time and thinking use your energy. You decide. 


Choose a time of day for dedicated thinking time and planning time before setting your doing time. No more multi tasking. Set aside the right time for you. Uninterrupted!


Create a system to get organised. Try the recommended APP'S or find some you like to help you record with auto reminders. Keep it simple. 


Restrict the incoming load of email + social notifications, distractions and interruption. Schedule times for a digital detox. What will you start doing, stop doing and continue to do?


Decide what you realistically have time for. Know what it is you value the most. What are your goals and energy levels. Remember who is the BOSS.


Make sure you add time to do the things that inspire you and give you a lift. Find ways to fill your cup. 


Meditation and mindfulness are ways to give your thoughts a rest, it's time out to create peace of mind. Start small. Just a few minutes a day. 


Choose to evolve rather than revolve. Find books, blogs, podcasts or even movies to challenge your mindset and worldview. Self-develop your thinking.


Create rituals and habits that serve you. Create your own little mastermind group or have an accountability buddy or support from a life coach. 

Getting organised.

Below are a few APP's as a resource to help you plan, organise to create your lifestyle around what your goals and values. Set your thinking and planning time. Start small on the right things. Some people are more organised than others. Work on improvement and remember to benchmark your success. Consider a buddy system or create your own  mastermind group with a friend or two. Maybe get a life coach for support. Each of these sites have great information on how to use the APP and additional info that you will find useful. *NB Be selective with APP's you download. Don't add to your Digital Clutter!


  • It's your mind - be the boss! Only you can decide what go's on in your head.
  • Set the best time for you for focused / creative thinking. Are you lark or an owl?
  • Create a system with a planner and APP's to schedule your time with auto reminders
  • Set priorities based on your goals, values and energy levels. Know the difference between urgent and important.
  • Seek inspiration that gives you mental energy. Do something each day you love.
  • Uses techniques for quieting the mind. Start small. 
  • Read, listen and watch to broaden your thinking
  • Create rituals and habits that serve you.



Meditation APP for your phone. Start small with just a few minutes.


​Todoist offers more useful features than any other to do service.


A great APP for your phone for any kind of lists .