5 Simple ideas to detox and simplify your digital lifestyle.

Imagine arranging your devices and leaving at home for a day! How would you cope? Take the challenge and detox your digital lifestyle! You will thank me later!

When we clear our cluttered minds and digital lifestyle. It becomes easier think about our lifestyle goals in a new light. Simple ideas that change your life we can do straight away. It doesn't cost any money and take little time to re think and re organise.

Simplicity is about saying no. Making choices on what you bring into our lifestyle, including our digital devices.  

Then we say yes to what we buy or download it becomes a choice and living with intention. We can talk more about this another time, for now lets just focus on our digital lifestyle.

Clearing my mental clutter and feeling in more control of my over thinking gave me confidence to make other changes. I have to approach change simply if it’s going to last and become a better habit.

I have had a simple process for creating change. What will I stop doing, start doing and continue to do.

My digital detox started with digital overwhelmed because in one week I ran out of space on my MacAir. I signed up for G-suit. My iPad died, and I bought an iMac because~ Well just because! That’s another story for another time. When I got my new iPhone 7 in the same week it downloaded all my junk from my last phone. I was with a friend and needed to find an app I was swiping through pages of App's. I was embarrassed because I'd not organised my new phone.  It was the final straw!

It was the tipping point to go for a digital detox and simplify. Being a blogger, I invested software, design tools, social media tools and lots of APP's. I needed to re think how I was working and become the BOSS of my digital life.

What is a digital detox and is different from digital space clearing?


Detox is about disconnecting and changing your digital habits its being aware if you are becoming addicted and not in control. It’s not an easy change to make, but it’s worth it. It fits in with what will I stop doing? 

Space clearing

Simplifying and space clearing is choosing less to achieve more. Reduce and organise your digital clutter. Spend less time on devices and more time on you. This is where to decide what I will start doing and continue to with my digital lifestyle.


Let’s start with simple ideas to improve your digital lifestyle. Simple habits to create and you call the shots in your digital lifestyle.



  • Unsubscribe from emails you're not reading
  • Delete Apps and organise into categories 
  • Set boundaries on interruptions and checking your phone
  • Set notifications with intention not to distract or interupt
  • Go Analog now and then for a bit of peace


  • Set your own rules on how you use your devices
  • Choose times to switch off your phone / dining and sleeping
  • Use fewer platforms that work harder / like G-Suite
  • Create a ritual for de cluttering or space clearing your devices
  • Clear your desktop each week

This is not a full list of how to create a simple digital system. It's a starting point and a work in progress. Once we've created space in our daily digital habits we can re visit this look at how raise the bar. I have not figured it out myself. So I may need to find someone who can be the guide and ask them to do a guest post! If you can take these simple ideas and take action you will be ready for an upgrade. Yay, bring it on sister!!! 

*NB, Please share these simple digital detox ideas with someone who needs them too.