Hello, I’m Jenn Grainger.

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My blogging back story ~

In the beginning, I had a romantic vision and started a travel blog, because I love to travel. But the truth is, I’m a homebody at heart and a vacationist. I defiantly didn't want to be a "nomad". 

Blog number two was personal and a bit of a mishmash. I was unclear on the purpose of the blog or who I writing for, but heck, I was learning. It seemed like a lot of work down the drain when I tuned off it"s life support.  

But I wasn’t quitting yet!

Blog number three ~ Lifestyle Precinct is what I was born to do. Naturally I began with a big ideas. Then over time I realised a simple version in a newsletter format would allow me to work to my strengths, keep it simple and still provide value. 

I discovered I'm a magnet for personal development because of my personality type and the description of my personality type is below. 

I’m discerning, and logic is my middle name! I’ve a finely tuned radar for the best V’s the bullshit. I'm skeptical of blogs telling women how to live, think and behave if it's focus is "I'm perfect and envy my lifestyle strategy". 

We know success leaves clues. 

I was listening to a podcast and discovered you could find out your personality type on line. This kind of thing has always fascinated me. Its great to have as much insight as possible and know yourself better. Because you'll be empowered, and stop resisting your true nature.

Find out what makes you tick? You'll discover insights about relationships, work, friendships, parenting, and communication styles. 


Jenn Grainger

The Logician Personality Type


    • Code: INTP 
    • Role: Analyst
    • Strategy: Constant Improvement

Jenn Grainger you are an INTP, or Logician personality. You’re naturally curious. You want to know 'why', not just 'what'.

INTP personality type are known have laser-like focus on self-improvement. Brilliant theorist. Have unrelenting logic. In fact, they're considered the most logically precise of all the personality.

Now you know about me and you have your personality type its time to take imperfect action and join the Lifestyle Precinct community here.

Cheers Jenn Grainger​