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i'm jenn Grainger  

Living a sustainable whole food, nutritious, plant-based lifestyle without compromising flavour and food with soul. It's not too much to ask for, right?

Actually it's not, but it takes time and commitment. Lifestyle Precinct started as a passion project and turned into a resource. My travels, interest for heritage recipes and cuisines from many countries are at the heart of what inspires me. I hope what you see here inspires you too. 

Let's get started shall we?

All good cooking starts with shopping like a pro and thats not easy to figure out.

whats your Shopping challenge?
  • Do you prefer to sit in a cafe to order your groceries? It may help you decide what's cost-effective, but it's harder to read the labels. 
  • Or do you do shop in the store. Both have their up and downside. After the decision fatigue and getting through the checkout, pack the car or lug your bags, I bet you cant wait to get home to put it all away! 
  • Do you under or overstocking your pantry? Do you run out of food, throw food away or struggle to keep food fresh and organised.
What inspires you?
  • Shopping at an organic farmers market?
  • Cooking from beautiful Yotam Ollinghi cookbooks or creating recipes yourself?
  • A curated pantry with exotic spices, your fridge is loaded up with homemade condiments and fresh produce?
  • Plating up like a food stylist?

Oh, you're in just the right spot, my foodie friend!

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~ what inspires me, to inspire you  

Be creative

To be curious, acquire skills, knowledge, experience, and insight. To take creative risks and have courage.

Connect dots

To be a conscious consumer. Empower, promote, support and encourage the demand for ethical quality products, sound production process for the land, sea, animal welfare, clean water and food for all cultures.

Standing up, shoulder to shoulder 

To speak up, quiet voices are heard in unison and empowers change. Attitude is everything ~ 'ISIMS' have no place in my heart or lifestyle precinct community.

Passion and purpose

To prioritise healthy food, and enjoy cooking. To stay inspired, inspire others, value creative cooking of all cultures and promote diversity of flavour. To collect, save and share global heritage recipes.  

My Food Memories And Cooking Bibles

We sat in the kitchen giggling, watching my mothers bottom wiggle as she whipped up egg whites for a lemon meringue pie. It was a ritual to fight over who'd lick the bowl and spoon of lemon curd. I'd usually win because I was happy to leave the sugary white meringue for my brother. 

Food created a sense of family in our house, and the 'Commonsense Cookbook' from the Country Women's Society was the cooking bible. Her original copy still exists today, all brown and tattered with asterisks marking family favourites.

My cooking rite of passage started at sixteen, and I'd make a complete mess of the kitchen. Dinner wasn't served until nine o'clock, when everyone was starving. I laughed at my cement gravy failures and proudly presented my triumphs of a perfect BĂ©arnaise. Making my mother's recipes was a good start, but I learnt to cook from a small paperback copy of Julia Child's ~ Mastering the Art Of French Cooking. 

It was years later when I travelled the meaning of cuisine entered my realm. Again I was sitting in a kitchen. Only this time, I was watching Jordanian women and listened to Arabic. The hospitality of middle eastern women, their open-hearted welcome, the way they cook and eat changed my worldview forever. Travelling, eating exotic food from many cultures started my food journey.  

Returning home, I was saved when I found a copy of 'The Complete Middle Eastern Cookbook' by Tess Malloss in the Ariel store in Sydney. I'd found my cooking bible. The bookstore and my copy still exist today. It's tattered, almost falling apart and my notes in the pages. 

When I look back, there's three phases of my journey, history and food memories —childhood, global cuisines, and now plant-based. 

I'd love to say I've a plant-based cooking bible to complete the set, There are a several inspiring and educational books that have shown me the way. Maybe one day my recipes will be published for someone to discover in a bookstore, or just a legacy for my daughter. 

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