'Plant-Based foodie' Inspiration!

You can cook what you love to eat

Do you feel clueless about what to stock in your pantry for interesting, easy to prepare meals? You'd love to enjoy a healthy plant-based lifestyle, but not sure where to start. Especially when you love international food and not so 'in love' with tofu or kale! Cook what you love to eat, even if you're not confident [yet] with your cooking skills?

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Monthly theme

Each month we focus on a theme. Inspired by a country, season or recipe category like breakfast or making sourdough bread.

Action plan

You'll get an article that's content-rich to focus on your cooking skills, equipment and stocking up on ingredients. Plus the first recipe.

global recipes

Each week after that, you'll get an email with recipe to collect, practice, share and build your culinary arts repertoire!


A weekly email with global heritage recipes, articles on lifestyle, and travel to read with your morning coffee. It's curated, inspiring and free.   

Hi, I'm jenn Grainger

I've travelled and lived in countries that's inspired my cooking. It was when I transitioned to plant -based lifestyle my cooking skills really helped me. The heritage recipes I've collected from around the globe are perfect to make nutritious, healthy interesting plant-based meals. I'm learning to take better care of myself and sharing what I learn. 

The weekly email I send is created to help home cooking enthusiast or foodies try more plant-based meals, increase your cooking skills, fall in love with cooking and take care of you.